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Netizens go GAGA for BTS Jimin new ‘girlfriend’ 2017


BTS Jimin had post a photo along side his so-called “girlfriend” Min Yoon Ji (Suga). Omg! this couple is so adorable. You had my approval. Such cuteness is overflowing! It appears that the selfie was taken during the shooting of BTS’ epic classroom sketch on their V Live series “Run BTS!”



often times, kpop idol’s dating news gains negative reponse from fans and netizens but this time many are giving much love and support for jimin-oppa and his kyeopta girlfriend min yoon ji unnie. On twitter, instagram and other community portal, netizens and fans go gaga “jimin-shie you had my approval.” “omg! jimin’s girlfriend is way beautiful than me.” “i love you both” “jimin’s new girlfriend is so cute” “The beauty!!!”


i mean, how can you say no to the goddess min yon ji?




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