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[WATCH] BTS ‘Spring Day’ Teaser MV

BTS had just release a teaser trailer for their newest song ‘Spring Day.

Shot with soft filters, the “Spring Day” teaser appears very light and pleasant, with images of BTS’ members seemingly enjoying some good times together. Interspersed with these light scenes, however, are a number of seemingly dark clues as to what the music video would really feature.

The soft, mellow track contrasts previous single Blood, Sweat,Tears with the lyrics translating to:

After the end of cold winter passes,

till a spring day comes

till the flowers bloom

Please stay there a little longer, please stay

The K-pop group have nailed the aesthetics again, using soft filters to reflect the single and focusing heavily on the friendship between the group, making our hearts burst.

‘Spring Day’ is released February 13th.

Image result for bts spring day

are you excited for spring day? comment below to let us know ^^



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