About ME


The Perkish Extrovert x Introvert #thetruthaboutmyself

Hi! My name is Angelica Calvo. I lived in Barotac Nuevo for almost all of my life like for 19 years now. This small town is very simple. I had a simple living yet this town is great. Pleasant and abundant places can be seen here. Mountains, fields and beaches are at the greatest. I lived in the town where they taught me to be respectful and friendly to everyone.

I had a beautiful and yet-so-perfect (for me) family. I had two brothers, one is the oldest and the other is the younger brother. They are named Joshua and Matt. My Pap’s name is Romualdo, people called him maldo and Mom’s name is Judy.

Anime, manga, kdrama, kpop, movies, tv series, music, artist, Hollywood and blogging is my life. I guess everything I do always include Internet and laptop though. A self-confessed computer geek and a fan gurl (Yeah you could tell). But I didn’t end up for computer studies or something. It never occurred in my mind. I am currently studying at the CPU, a university in Iloilo city. It was 40mins away from home. So I had to live in small Boarding house every weekday. I had never done part times. I guess Philippines don’t do part times when still studying. Why we don’t? No way that I’m rich, it’s just how things work here. Parent pays for all the expense. Sometimes my generous, so kind auntie nida helped out. And so I am indebted for so many people. But these people are the greatest that’s why I work so hard to finish and then help them in return in the best way that I can in the future.

I had a huge family you could never imagine. Let’s just say their this small town called baras, 2 blocks away from home, like resident  in that place is at least related to me one way or another. Like hell yeah! One town for Calvo family.

That’s y’all for now dear. Thank you for reading 🙂

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