My Dear, Welcome to my blog site or rather to my world full of unfamiliar, odd, and unusual  hobby that me solely a fangurl could ever share. This blog contains about my lifestyle as a fangurl who like anime, manga, kdrama, kpop, movies, vloggers, TV series, entertainment shows, hollyword stars, supermodels and etc soooooo much you coudn’t  imagine. So basically,  please look forward to my future blogs, reviews, comment, updates, reactions and recommendations about those topics i had mentioned. if you aren’t a fan you will be one after you read all of my post. If you think being a fan or a computer geek is being weird and acting like a nerd think again, it’s not for me. if you give it a try, i promise you would thank me for making your life not boring anymore. nah! haha kidding just do what ever you want. thank you for visiting my blog site^^

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I am a blogger/vlogger :). natural born fan-gurl/compgeek.