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[DOWNLOAD] BTS ALBUM (WINGS: You never walk alone)

Release Date: 2017.02.13
Genre: Rap / Hip-hop
Language: Korean
Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps

BTS continues the story of Wings with the album You Never Walk Alone. The follow-up release features songs produced by the members.

Track List:
01. Intro : Boy Meets Evil
02. 피 땀 눈물 (Blood Sweat & Tears)
03. Begin
04. Lie
05. tigma
06. First Love
07. Reflection
08. MAMA
09. Awake
10. Lost
11. BTS Cypher 4
12. Am I Wrong
13. 21세기 소녀
14. 둘! 셋! (그래도 좋은 날이 더 많기를)
15. 봄날 (Spring Day) *Title
16. Not Today
17. Outro : Wings
18. A Supplementary Story : You Never Walk Alone


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[Updates] BTS drops more information about their upcoming album Wings: You Never Walk Alone

Only hours left until their comeback armys! are you guys ready?

BTS’s upcoming release is an album filled with messages of comfort and hope to encourage the youth of today’s generation. The new album will include 18 tracks, along with four new songs titled “Spring Day,” “Not Today,” “Outro: Wings,” and “A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone.”

Their title track “Spring Day” is a song that shows a different side of the BTS members, who have been showing their musical growth since their debut. “Spring Day” is set to be an alternative hip hop song that combines elements of British rock with an electronic sound. Rap Monster is also revealed to have written the track’s main melody.

Meanwhile, BTS will also be holding their “BTS ‘YOU NEVER WALK ALONE’ Preview Show” through Naver V Live on February 12 at 10:40 p.m. KST.

Stay tuned for more updates!

*A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that BTS’s V Live was in December.

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What it is to be a fangirl? [BLOG 00002]

There where times I was thinking, do I stare that much on my phone or laptop? Why do I bother liking them? Why should I do #fangirlgoals? Do these questions also reflect on you? A simple proposition for that! ‘You and I are born to be fangirl’. It means from day one until the last breath you are a fangirl. Don’t get pressured, this is not a sin or illness needs medication. It’s just because that’s what we are.

We can’t force ourselves to ignore those heart emojis we get when we see new videos of celebreties we like. Am I right? It may seems pretty silly but today’s fangirls are viewed to be awesome. And that, we should be proud of. Nothing beats anything than a girl giving effort to read, update, being a part of club, going to fan meeting events and buy merchandise and concert ticket is surreal.

Here are my toplist “fangirling mode”that I love to go gaga whenever they had updates:

Taylor Swift.

I personally like her since 5th grade. I was her fan bigtime. Every time that Love Story played on a radio I was like it was definitely her that i admired the most and inspired me all throughout my entire existence. I never imagine my life without ‘being a fangirl’ of hers. I remember in highschool they use to call me taylor swift. Funny I got all my taylor swift stuff from my friends and relatives. I think they know me a lot. Lol. No biggies just a perfume and an album!

As a fangirl, ofcourse all information and news must get updated every single day.  I know every lyrics of her song from her debut to her latest one, 1989. I know here entirely from where she grows up, when is her birthday, her first song that she wrote or up to this momentum where she had this viral dramatic instagram blash with kanye west. And oh! She had no boyfriend this past couple month and it’s weird. She never gets single everyone knows that, I guess. But whatever happens, I’m still her biggest fan! I’m still hoping for her comeback, she never done concerts or album released for the last 3 years!

In case you hadn’t heard of Taylor Swift. Click here for wikipedia!

BTS (방탄소년단의).


We’ll for me, I was their fans first off when my cousin introduced them to me. My cousin is a great fangirl influencer of mine! Really great! To be honest, I never see myself being a kpop fangirl in the future. I mean, I am a Hollywood fan but not into koreans or so until my cousin pop out of nowhere then said ‘hey caz look at this! Aren’t they beautiful?” oh men! THEY ARE GORGEOUS! Now I am stuck! Regret? No way, my life becomes more colorful since I recognized them. Never thought such beauty exists.

My bias? I would choose them all! But really, the one that stuck in my heart is no other than ‘V’ or Kim taehyung. He has been so amazing and funny and playful, that’s why I like him so much. And whenever he has videos update I was like jumping out of my bed and more excited compare when my crush notice me. Opsie!

as of this moment, I am waiting for them to release their newest comeback and had already marked my calendar for their newest music videos on 13th and 20th of February 2017.

In case you hadn’t heard of  BTS (방탄소년단의). Click here for wikipedia!



Omg! I love anime. I guess it runs in our blood. I used to watch animes back when I was 2 years old. So fairytail is my favorite of all time. I don’t know why, I get emotional sometimes watching those episodes, maybe because of the author’s idea of characters role. Everyone is the protagonist, I like that the author make it more mysterious to guess, who really the important character in the series or who gets the special attention. It might be natsu but sometimes he got help too. Maybe lucy? because she narrates the entire episode. Is it Erza? because she is the strongest and most feared. No one could conclude. No arc focuses on one character (it’s a rotating scene). And what I love also is, the core value is pretty much stated or explained, It struck my heart whenever.

But as of now, I am dismayed of the fact that the fairytail manga will meet its end this summer! It means that there would be no episodes up until the manga is finished.

In case you hadn’t heard of Fairytail.Click here for wikipedia! 

Credits: Wikipedia

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[WATCH] BTS Teaser Trailer for ‘Not Today’

whose excited for 2.13.17? excuse me armys! but i think bighit won’t allow us to sleep until 2.20.17! as we all know bighit suprised us again! they have released another yet vey intimidating music ideo just a glimpse for feb 20.

“You Never Walk Alone” is a follow-up to BTS’s hit album “WINGS,” and will be released along with the music video for “Spring Day” on February 13 at midnight KST. The group will be performing their new tracks for the first time at their Seoul concerts on February 18 and 19.


however this music video is hilarious reminds me of jack sparrow running XD

who is excited for their comeback?

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BTS’ Jin Recommends Next BTS Member to Go on “Law of the Jungle”



Kim Seokjin better known as jin shares which one of his BTS member he thinks would be able to surpass the epic challenges of “law of the jungle” and he firmly believes that his groupmates can do it.

Jin has been receiving a lot of popularity for surviving well despite difficult conditions, including extreme fatigue. He went fishing with a BTS light stick and even succeeded in catching a big fish!

During an interview with the producers of the show, Jin named Jungkook as the next member who should go on the show, saying, “There isn’t anything that our youngest Jungkook cannot do.”

He continued, “Jungkook really is the ideal person to survive in the jungle. There isn’t anything he cannot do and he’s good at thinking of creative things to make, and they all succeed. He really is Byung Man’s style. He’s really physically strong and once he sees something once, he’s able to solve it.”